Saturday, March 31, 2007


Well, could not report about my visit cuz there was none. Doctors had closed, so the very next day as early as 6:30am i was up. This time i got a doctor to see me, run some series of tests and then consultation.
I'm on drugs now and already feeling better. I guess there'll be more blogging now. Got to go.

Thursday, March 29, 2007

My Vertigo

About a two years ago i had recurrent episodes of dizziness, tinnitus, sweating and vomiting. after sometime, i had a solution, just keep still. I felt like the world was spinning or i was spinning when my eyes were open or closed respectively. Then i visited the hospital, went through series of tests and was told i had a balance disorder called Vertigo. Was on treatment last year and tada, the episodes were gone.
Guess what it came back yesterday, worse and bigger than ever. Took the whole day and today. On my way to the hospital now. Will be back soon, hope with good news.

Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Chem Path, Not far From Expected

It's funny, that paper was and is still 8 credit hours. that makes it a very important factor contributing to my becoming a doctor. i donot regret using my time yesterday blogging. 25 short answer questions over a 2hr period. managed to get to 25 tho.
It was nothing far from Dr. FAY. if you are prepared you are prepared. no additional amount of learning can change that. real strange questions. Enough about chem path.
I'm a feeling intoxicated. took about 3 bottles of coke yesterday, coffee and one bottle today. i feel really hyperglycaemic. That was a little chem path too. I'm out.

Monday, March 19, 2007

Today In My Life

Today is my life is not really unique. but to think of the fact that i'm writing a paper on chemical pathology tomorrow and instead of learning i'm posting blogs is rather on the odd side.
Not a lot is happening currently but i don't have to forget to call my girlfriend or else .......
I've been thinking of ideas man, ideas. a lot come to me by the day but that goes to my other blog ( here i'll be talking solely about myself, my company, my friends, my life. basically the chronicles of my life. Stay tuned. it's fun already.

BlackDJ is my current project, well not really my current project cuz there are others i can't talk about until i'm a lil more committed to them. It's going to feature a lot of of wild stuff. Stay tuned to here all about its development. Its in the beta stage though.

TopstudioPro is a radio automation software currently setting the standards in Ghana. and preparing to hit the sub-region. Used Currently by CitiFM, Kapital Radio, Kesewa Radio, Sky FM, Mercury Radio and Light FM.

A lot about me later. It's time to learn some ChemPath.